2022 Calendar Coming Soon!

The Beauty of Birds - 2021 Calendar

A selection of beautiful bird images captured here in California. Many species are year round residents, but we are fortunate to be on the Pacific Flyway with thousands of migrating birds passing through in the fall and winter.

Each year I encounter new birds I have never seen or photographed and I am thrilled to include a couple of them in this calendar. I also include the federally threatened Snow Plover and the Black Oystercatcher, a species of concern.  It is important to me to draw attention to these birds as they need our help in order to survive and remain where they have been for thousands, if not millions of years. Your purchase will help as I donate a percentage of all sales to bird conservation.

This 12 month, 8.5" x 11" calendar is coil bound and produced on high quality, heavyweight paper stock with a smooth semi-gloss finish. I hope it brings some peace and beauty into your lives or those of your friends and and family as the birds have in mine.

I appreciate your support!

$19.95 (BUY)

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