Conservation - jacquelinedeely



As a certified California naturalist, conservation is something I care about deeply and I am actively involved in a variety of ways.

I am proud to be a long term volunteer with the Wildlife Conservation Network where I was introduced to the people and projects they manage around the globe.

One of these is Cheetah Conservation Botswana where in 2011 I spent a month at their field operations in the Kalahari.  I continue my support by producing their bi-monthly newsletter.

In 2016 I visited Projecto Titi in Colombia where I had the rare opportunity to see and photograph the critically endangered Cotton-top Tamarin in its remaining habitat.  Seeing first hand the incredible work and the challenges these organizations face is a privilege indeed and I hope to visit more in the future.

Although it is amazing to visit and see wildlife in exotic locations, it is also important to understand that conservation is just as important in our own back yards.  Over the past couple of years  or so, I have become involved with Point Blue Conservation Science and their efforts to save the threatened Western Snowy Plover.   I am  a long term supporter of the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory (SFBBO), where I both volunteer and donate pieces of my work for auction and fundraising purposes.

I have also donated my services as an event photographer to The Marine Mammal Center, Save our Shores and The Snow Leopard Conservancy.

In recent years I have been visiting the polar regions on a regular basis and this is now becoming a new area of interest, particularly in relation to global warming and the exploitation of natural resources.  The impact is very apparent, not only in the changing landscape, but in the wildlife both on land and at sea that is having to somehow adapt and not necessarily in a positive way.  

I hope by sharing my work, stories and love of the natural world, others will be inspired to also get involved.

Other organizations I support include:  Audubon California, Birdlife International, California State Parks,  Elkhorn Slough Foundation, Friends of the Sea Otter, KIVA, Land Trust of Santa Cruz,  Native Animal Rescue of Santa Cruz County, Return To Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary, Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, Sierra Club, WildCare.