"Jacqueline's presence as "photographer in residence" on our recent Svalbard and Greenland trip really put the icing on the cake. She is so friendly and approachable and always manages to pitch the information she gives at just the right level to stretch you a little from your current knowledge, whilst bolstering your confidence. Whether you shoot on auto, with a phone, or are handy with all your SLR functions, she praises and gently encourages with wonderful suggestions. Achieving this inclusive, supportive, non-judgemental and wonderfully friendly environment is a gift and and art in itself, not to mention her own wonderful photography! If you have the chance to be guided by this warm and friendly lady, you are lucky indeed!"

Amina K., United Kingdom

"My husband and I arrived for our three week trip on the M.S. Expedition with lots of camera equipment, but with no confidence in taking any sort of decent photos in the challenging light and moving subjects we knew we would experience on the trip. I had just about decided to give up on the equipment, sell it when we got home and buy an easy to use bridge camera in the hope of taking better photos!

After two informative lectures with tips and advice from Jacqueline Deely, (resident photographer on our trip) we came home with fantastic photos and a renewed enthusiasm for photography. I had previously been on various photography courses in the hope of understanding how to use my camera to get the best results, but always came away confused and none the wiser!

Jacqueline explained things in a simple, easy to understand way and I now understand the controls on my camera and am even converted to back button focus! I have been sorting through our photos and the difference between the first, none too successful photos we took at the very beginning of the trip and the ones we took after.

Jacqueline's lectures just cannot be compared for quality and composition. We both now have renewed enthusiasm for photography (instead of frustration) and are now going to invest in more equipment for our DSLR cameras! Thank you Jacqueline for totally changing our whole attitude to photography and helping us to produce such fantastic memories of our trip of a lifetime to the Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica!"

Lynn & Tim, United Kingdom

"I met Jackie on an expedition cruise to Norway and the Arctic Circle where she was the resident photographer.  Jackie willingly shared her knowledge and expertise of photography both in a group setting and one-on-one as she shared her photos and camera settings while being challenged with the environment - 24 hours of daylight and attempting to shoot in a bobbing “zodiac” in the Arctic waters. Her suggestions and recommendations for photo composition, lighting and subject matter were spot on. Jackie is a fun and patient photographer that enjoys sharing her experiences."

Judi C. - Cypress, California

"Meeting Jackie on a polar expedition was a great experience. She has a warm and welcoming personality, which made it easy to approach her and ask her anything about photography. She always made time to sit down and explain in a way that anybody could understand.  Her lectures were full of easy to understand tips and examples, yet she still managed to get deep into the more advanced functionality of photography, so even as a more experienced photographer, I still felt I left with newly acquired knowledge."  

Jakob K. - Denmark

"Jacqueline was outstanding in her role as the professional photographer on our UnCruise trip in Alaska. Her knowledge of both the technical and the artistic aspects of photography was impressive! She did a great job of helping us one-on-one throughout the day and also in making evening presentations to the group. Her enthusiasm, her smile, and her outgoing personality make her a delight to interact with. We feel like we made a friend with her and have been in contact with Jacqueline to share more photography related information even after our trip was over."

Roland & Karen B. - Greenville, South Carolina

"I wanted to thank you so much for what you added to our Costa Rica and Panama cruise experience with UnCruise. You are truly talented as both an educator and an artist; those talents don’t often coincide. My daughter learned so much from you and you made her and all of our experience all the more interesting and enjoyable."

Connie H. - Austin, Texas

"Jackie transformed my photography. In three hours I learned more than in the previous 30 years! She not only taught me how to use the various settings on my camera, to capture sharp action shots with perfect exposure, but also how to find and correctly approach wildlife. Jackie was more than willing to look over my shots after the shoot, and give me post processing advice and tips. In the field she reminded me to check my histogram, take practice shots, and very graciously shared what settings she was using, and explain why. Jackie is such a fun person to hang out with, and her passion and enthusiasm for nature are contagious!"

Julie C. - Salinas, California

"Jackie’s 'Getting out of Auto' photography class was truly one of the best courses I have ever taken. I did not know much about photography, but Jackie was informative and professional, her course materials were great, and it was a very fun learning experience. The result at the end of class was that I took some lovely photos! Jackie also helped me with some specific questions I had on photography I want to take, and I am very excited to continue working on what I learned. Filoli is also the perfect backdrop for a photography class. I would highly recommend Jackie’s class! "

Brenda L. - Burlingame, California 

"Jackie is very passionate about photography and it carries over to the class. It was an excellent presentation of photography techniques that I will become comfortable using to take much better photos. I recommend the class to anyone with an interest in learning more about photography."

Judy D. - Bay Area, California

"I took an ‘Introduction to Wildlife Photography’ with Jacqueline at Filoli. She shared her valuable techniques, tips and professional knowledge of wildlife photography in down to earth simple terms and gave personal attention to each attendee. I am an amateur and I learned not only how to take better photos of wildlife but additional tips on how I may use my camera beyond the auto mode. Our field trip and the post processing lecture and critique was very informative. The whole experience was enjoyable and fun. I would not hesitate to take another workshop with Jacqueline, and hope to do so in the future."

Sandra S. - Bay Area, California

"I so enjoyed meeting you on the Baja cruise. You are an excellent teacher with an incredible sense of humor and a truly kind heart. I would love to run into you again in my lifetime, so you have been added to my bucket list!"

Allison D., Seattle, WA

“The workshop was exceptional. Jackie’s approach of slowing down and taking a longer look, along with her technical expertise and casual teaching style made for a very fun weekend for everyone. I will definitely put this one on the calendar for next year!”

Phil A., Cambria, California 

“Jackie is one of those rare professionals in photography who is also a gifted teacher. The workshop participants had a very wide range of experience. Jackie approached each of us with kindness and constructive advice on how to improve our images of nature. Her images were stunning, and the workshop presentations were impeccable.”

John B., Watsonville, California

“Jacqueline Deely’s ability to capture stunningly beautiful images is inspiring, so, naturally, being able to learn from her through the “Connecting with Nature” workshop was an awesome experience. I learned so much, and the knowledge and tips she shared helped me immensely. Her approach, and the techniques and advice she provided, gave me greater confidence in capturing images of nature and wildlife – I am no longer intimidated and am now into bird photography! I highly recommend this to anyone interested in nature/wildlife photography, looking to improve their skills in a fun and enjoyable way with others who share the same passion, under the guidance of an amazingly talented instructor. Looking forward to attending another in the very near future. Thanks so much, Jackie!”

 Heather H., Sacramento, California